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Sign up and get connected today at, the one place where you can:

  • Access your order history online
  • Easily place reorders for best sellers
  • Quickly search for new products and Suppliers
  • Get instant updates on hot new promotions
  • Build and review new orders online with your Reps

Only bwconnectTM from Brandwise, a trusted partner in the industry for over 12 years, can offer you:

  • Full order history for every order written**
  • New suppliers and products every week!
  • Catalog and Gallery views to browse and buy thousands of items
  • One checkout for multiple suppliers
  • Separate invoices from each supplier

Signing up for bwconnectTM is fast, easy, and completely free to you! You can get connected today at

**For orders placed using Brandwise technology

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Click here to watch a short clip on the Top Reasons You Should Sign Up for BW Connect