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No matter what Religion you are and even if you
aren’t religious at all, you will enjoy and be uplifted by these
conversations between Michael Smerconish and His Eminence,
Timothy Cardinal Dolan, and David Wolpe, the Senior Rabbi of
Sinai Temple in Los Angeles discussing Faith in the time of the Coronavirus.
We suggest using Google Chrome to listen to the interviews.

A shout out to my childhood friend Lori who
is collecting magazines and delivering them to a
few local Retirement and Nursing Homes.
Each has their own protocol to accept and
distribute to their residents, so check ahead.

Write a letter and connect with people on a
personal level. Design Design's tag line is
"Connecting People to People,"
and there has never been a better time to
reach out to friends and family members.
Reminisce about a shared memory or perhaps
use the opportunity to tell them how they
have touched your life. You may want to
seal the envelope with a sticker or tape.

Putting the serious health issues of this crisis
aside for a moment and not diminishing these
uniquely challenging circumstances, most of
us are having to cope with the significant
shift in our lives. We don't know how long we will
be living in a "stay at home" world, and we have no
idea when it will change again and what
that will be like. Patricia, one of our team members,
recommended this video clip version of the story of
Who Moved My Cheese. When the book
came out, we bought copies for our team,
and if you haven't read it, you should. If you did
read it, perhaps it's time to read again.
For those that may prefer the 10 minute video
clip of the story.

Sending a "shout out" to my friend Lisa at
Garden of Eating Catering who is partnering with
ezCater to feed our amazing healthcare
workers. This partnership gives us the opportunity
to show our love and appreciation to these frontline
heroes and help catering companies stay in business
as well. A real win-win! I posted
on my Nextdoor Website, and my neighbors and
I are collectively joining together to support
this great cause. This program is rolling out across
the country, but if it's not in your local
area yet, you still can reach out to a
hospital outside your area. I LOVE this idea and
hope you do too!

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Artists and Bands of all genres are also working
from home so check in to see daily updates
of Live Stream concerts.
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