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For general inquiries or to find out who your local representative is for a specific vendor please email

Direct contact information below
Click on the Sales Associates name for a list of the vendors they represent.

Los Angeles Showroom Managers
April Dohm 800-346-9613 Ext. 117
Elizabeth Barnard 800-346-9613 Ext. 106
Las Vegas Showroom Manager
Marla Kaplan 702- 992-0551
Southern California
Selected Accounts
Bonnie Barth 818-355-2769
San Diego
Beth Murray 760-716-2104
Denise LaRocca 619-846-4134
Orange County
Judy Rogers 562-810-6054
Karen Hogenauer 949-244-0550
Inland Empire
Cyndi Bulger 951-805-6197
Randi Spector 818-515-7550
San Fernando Valley
Gigi Grande 818-399-8919
Kim Pontius 818-335-1377
San Gabriel Valley
Bonnie Barth 818-355-2769
Kim Pontius 818-335-1377
Los Angeles
Craig Fiedler 310-351-0894
Faryl Arbeitman 818-317-2307
Rebecca Coffey 559-679-9802
Santa Barbara/San Luis Obispo
Cynthia Stormo 805-689-5371
Christina Matthews 661-889-8185
Karin Williams 916-275-0977
Rebecca Coffey 559-679-9802
San Francisco/South Bay/Central Coast
Charles Giuliani - Design Design Only 415-609-4240
Gigi Grande 818-399-8919
East Bay/North Bay
Ashley Carroll 415-971-9591
Dean Feliciano 775-240-3195
N. Arizona
Clark Gulliford 405-388-9530
S. Arizona
Amy Row 602-694-4919
Arizona – Tucson
Paula Anderson 520-603-4551
Stephanie Woolley 303-514-1580
New Mexico
Clark Gulliford 405-388-9530
S. Nevada
Clark Gulliford 405-388-9530
Melanie Ellison 801-558-5414
Alaska/S. Oregon/S.E. Washington
Rebecca Chase 541‐505‐4214
S. Washington
Amy Coates 360‐561‐1388
Idaho/Montana/Wyoming/Washington (Spokane)
Reyna Lytle 505‐660‐9472
N. Oregon/S.W. Washington
Lania Fink 503‐680‐3928
Key Accounts/Washington/Seattle
Paul Cardoza 206‐763‐2779
Customer Care Specialist
Randi Spector 818-515-7550
Goodwill Ambassador
Gigi Grande 818-399-8919
Director of Sales
Patrick Council 626-590-9508
Bonnie Glushon