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The wide and diverse Card collections offered by Design Design

Retro, illustrated, and photographic
are some of the humor card styles we have
available. Fresh and funny, featuring our
industry leading humor, these cards offer
something for everyone.

Imported from Europe and printed
on a luxurious textured stock,
these cards display an understated
attention to detail by featuring beautiful
embossing and foil accents. Not available in
UK or Canadian markets.

Letterpress cards are printed
on 100% cotton, tree-free premium
paper. Current with today’s market
trends in art style and voice, many of
these cards are perfect for a broad
array of card giving occasions.

Games, puzzles, stickers, trendy
artwork, and fun photography round out
our greeting cards forboys and girls.
This wide range of style ensures
that the perfect card will always be
available for children and young adults.

Our high-end premium cards feature
a broad range of handmade materials
and treatments such as stitching,
foils, embossing, colored glitter,
intricate gems, buttons, felt,
cloth, and even wood!

Designed and greeted for the stylish,
eco-conscious consumer, our Green2™ cards
are produced with 100% Post Consumer
Waste materials, and are recyclable.

Our photography cards cover
many genres and are designed to evoke
laughter, a smile, or the feelings of
support and encouragement. Stylish
typography is often crafted to
complement the photographs
and complete the message.

Design Design is proud to partner with
[HAS HEART]; a nonprofit organization
that unites talented artistswith U.S.
Veterans. Together, the two sides
collaborate to share a story meant
to inspire, motivate, and bless others.

We offer religious greeting cards
that are designed for both special
occasions and everyday use. These cards
are crafted with a variety of materials and
treatments from hand applied embellishments
to subtle embossing and foils.

The medium becomes the message
in this line of heartfelt emotional
cards. Beautiful and expressive,
these cards are for those who want
to articulate their feelings more
intimately to the ones they love.

Cards truly “come to life”
in this diverse line of cards.
Features include 3-D articulation,
wearable buttons, usable birthday
candles, LED lights, sound, as well as fun
children’s activity cards with colored
pencils, puzzles, games, and stickers.

Our cards are inspired
by the imaginations and
creativity of countless illustrators,
artisans, fashion designers, industrial
designers, and culturalists world-wide.