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Relax Mask Soothing Gel Eye Mask
Filled with intelli-gel microbeads, this
velvety microfiber-backed mask can be used
hot or cold to whisk away headaches, puffiness, itchiness, allergies, stress and tension.

In the Clear Makeup Removing Towel
Our super soft coral fleece towel magically
removes HD, longwear and waterproof makeup
without skin-stripping solvents or soaps.

High & Dry Microfiber Scrunchie & Headband Duo
Tie hair high and let it dry! Leave the damage
at home and toss those wet locks in a top knot
while this super absorbent microfiber set dries
your hair without friction or heat.

Bye Bye Bedhead Silky Satin Pillowcase
Super soft, silky smooth fabric combats
wrinkles, frizz, knots and dryness so you can
wake up looking fresh and ready for the day!

Not your Grandma’s Shower Cap
Second day-ers rejoice! When you need
to skip a wash and still get squeaky clean,
reach for our silky, retro shower caps.

Stress Less Hot & Cold Spa Pillow
Use intelli-gel microbeads hot or cold
to target aches and tension all over your
body. The perfect pillow for stressful
moments and rough night recovery!

Love Your Locks Wet & Dry Scalp Massager
Keep your scalp clean and your hair happy!
Erase tension, deep clean roots and wash
stress down the drain with a spa-quality
massage in the comfort of your own shower.

Soap Box Hero Rechargeable
Splash-Proof Speaker
Create your self-care soundtrack with our
shower-ready speaker pod. Handy suction cup
backing clings to your shower, tub or mirror.

Turbo Towel Hair Twist
with soft & absorbent microfiber
Shaped to fit your post-shower locks, our
lightweight microfiber towel is the super absorbent,
hands-free hair dryer you’ve always dreamed of.