January 2016 Awards and Recognition Party

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January 2016 Awards and Recognition Party

Patrick getting his gift and award
recognizing his 30 year Anniversary

Maricela getting her gift and award
recognizing her 10 year Anniversary

Megan Swanson
Leadership Award

Janelle Winters
Best Team Player Award

Bonnie Barth
Mentorship Award

Kim Swanson
Outstanding Achievement Award

Denise LaRocca
Outstanding Achievement Award

David, Nancy, Holly & Megan

Eartha, Virgina, Dan, Cybele, Robin & Toni

Britney, Carlo & Linda

Toni, Tim, Joey & Denise

Anna, Charles, Tracey & Charmaine

Becca & April

Becca, April, Carly, Elizabeth & Maricela

Bonnie Barth, Suette, Lindsay

Don, Kim & Dora

Becca, Krista, Dana, Bruce, Bonnie & Suette

Dora, Rhoda & Paige