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Anju Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry is individually handcrafted by artisans in India using traditional techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. Their mission is to create unique, hand-crafted products that blend traditional craftsmanship with modern trends. Anju is committed to creating economic empowerment. By partnering with artisan groups, they are able to provide an economic opportunity to them and their families in an environment that supports cultural heritage, creative expression, and fair-trade practices.

New & Notable: The Omala collection is made using up-cycled cattle horn. In India cows are sacred. They are treated with incredible respect and are never harmed or killed. The horn is collected only after the natural passing of these highly respected animals, creating unique statement pieces with a natural and ethical twist. The Patina collection has been expanded to include more vibrant colors. This collection now features new brass and copper patina bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings.

Best Sellers: The “Aasha” collection is handcrafted with recycled materials and is a 100% sustainable jewelry line. Using recycled saris and reclaimed wood, artisans are able to create a very unique and colorful collection of jewelry, where no two pieces are identical.

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DM Merchandising

NMR is a global provider of licensed and branded Games, Puzzles, Playing Cards, and Lifestyle Products, marketed under the brands AQUARIUS, GAMAGO, and GREAT STUFF NOVELTIES.

New & Notable: The Mandalorian, Care Bears, and The Office.

Best Sellers: Puzzles, Board Games, Playing Cards, Retro Lunch Boxes, Mugs, Funky Chunky Magnets, Tin Signs, Buttons, Flat Magnets, and Enamel Pins.

Spoontiques is the one-stop-shopping experience every retailer is looking for. They offer a comprehensive collection of products to include Home Décor, Tabletop, Lawn & Garden Décor, Accessories, Holiday and Licensed goods. New products are introduced throughout the year to keep up with ever-changing market needs. High quality goods, alluring price points, and a variety of assortments/FREE display programs – it is easy to see why this line is reordered year after year!

New & Notable: Tall Cups, Face Masks & Wraps, Sanitizer Holders, Headbands, Box Sign Floor Display, Light up Mirror Floor Display, Shadow box Bank Display.

Best Sellers: Stepping Stones, Wall Décor, Ceramic Travel Mugs, Hair Wraps, Birdhouses, Stainless Wine Tumblers, Camper Mugs.

Established in 2003, Zorbitz is the go-to when it comes to hot new items. This award-winning leader of impulse gift items are well known for their priced to sell quickly and frequently reordered items. Awards from Dr. Toy and Brain Child recognized many of their products. Zorbitz lead trends with a wide range of products that can fit any store. Some of their most popular categories include Sensory Toys, Impulse Toys, Stained Glass Window Art Kits, Putty, Clear Bags, Meaningful Gifts, Emergency Phone Chargers and PPE. Zorbitz products are loved by celebrities and are regularly featured on TV shows and movies.

New & Notable: Craft Items: Stained Glass Window Art Clings - Nature's Wonders, Stained Glass Suncatchers- Enchanted Gardens; PPE: My Masks in many styles for both Adults and Kids, Lanyards, Shopping Cart Covers and Clips. For Adults: Spirit Stones, Gemstone Massager, a fabulous assortment of meaningful jewelry, EZ Keys, EZ Lips. For Kids: Twiddle Crawlerz, Flying Ninjas, My Mask- Dolls, Pinata, Snap-itz. Phone- Radiation Blockerz.

Best Sellers: PPE Masks, Pop Chargers, Blockers, Magnetics, Fidget Putty, Bubble Putty, Aromatherapy Putty, CBD Putty, Lava Diffuser Bracelets, Twiddle, Twiddle Cube, Twiddle Squish-n-Stretch, Squish-amals.