Mary Meyer - Spring & Valentine’s Day

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Mary Meyer

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Valentine's Day

Marshmallow Beau Bulldog

Marshmallow Junior Speckles Bulldog

Marshmallow Muffin Monkey

Marshmallow Paris Poodle

Marshmallow Junior Pixie Poodle

Marshmallow Big Snickers Bunny

Marshmallow Zinnia Bunny

Marshmallow Junior Sugar Bunnies

FabFuzz Sally & Sammy Bunny

FabFuzz Pudge Sheep

FabFuzz Patter Bunny Sugar Bunnies

Chipper Bunny Assortment

Milkshake & Smoothie Putty Bunny

Putty Ducklings

Blush Putty Duck WubbaNub™ Pacifier

Quack Quack Sound Duck

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