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Meet the Maker
Our founder and creative director, Mona Bhatia, is a dedicated,
creative designer who is passionate about genuine style that doesn’t
compromise when it comes to environmental impact. With over a decade
of fashion-forward design experience, Mona is working to build
a brand that offers quality alternatives in an age of disposable fashion.
The Mona B brand reflects Mona’s name and philosophy,
and our company is built on her values: independence, adventure, and
environmental responsibility. The Mona B brand synthesizes a love of travel
and exploration with the down-to-earth character of our home
base in Cleveland, Ohio. Grounding our style in Mona’s sensibilities,
we strive to bring our customers a chic line that is equal parts affordable and practical.

re-duce, re-use & up-cycle
After years of use by the army,
covering trucks as tarps and
providing shelter as tents,
this textile is given new life.

canvas re-imagined
We innovated a process to break down
and reweave the post consumer military canvas
into a new, zero-waste fabric.
We call it: Mona B RE-Milled.

sustainable materials
Using sustainable materials we are
able to produce accessories and
home furnishings without
burdening the environment.

zero-waste manufacturing
Every inch of wastage and excess
materials is repurposed for
design accents, details,
and small constructional components.

reducing our carbon footprint
The paper that we use for our printed
catalogs are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
certified. This means it comes from certified,
sustainably managed forests. Also, our in-house
recycling program reduces waste and creates
a greener, more efficient work environment.

low-impact packaging
We ship our products using recycled cardboard
cartons, conserving the energy and
water associated with making new cartons.
We will continue our search for the most sustainable
way to bring you our merchandise.

be fearlessly authentic
At Mona B, we believe in progress,
not perfection. Our story as a brand is
marked by a constant search for new ways
to build sustainability into
every step of the supply chain.


NEW from Mona B

To add to our philosophy of sustainable design we are proud to introduce our new Home & Entertainment collection.

At Mona B our goal is to reduce waste while continuing to help our world evolve. Our home collection is constructed from soft and durable rPET made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, renewable jute fiber and reusable bamboo fiber made from bamboo powder, it’s non-toxic, melamine free and 100% biodegradable.


How you can do your part?

REDUCE simply means living more carefully so that you have less waste to get rid of.

For example, use online materials and avoid using paper excessively. When shopping, look for and purchase products with minimal packaging.

REUSE means to use the same item more than once, preferably many times rather than disposing of it after one use.

For example, reuse glass jars for other purposes such as pickling vegetables or as vases.

RECYCLE means to process used materials into new products to save resources and energy.

For example, papers for wrapping presents or to use as scrap paper for a grocery list.


Together We Can
partnering to re-plant our forests with National Forest Foundation (NFF)

Their Initiative
The National Forest Foundation (NFF) engages Americans in community based and national programs that promote the health and public enjoyment of the 193-million-acre National Forest System. The NFF builds strong, meaningful corporate partnerships that achieve effective, proactive conservation solutions. They focus their efforts on on-the-ground projects, seeking effi ciency and leveraging support whenever possible.

Our Initiative
We’re stepping up our efforts to help meet the immense reofrestation needs facing our forests. Through the sales of our Create + Conserve collection, Mona B has pledged an ambitious campaign to plant 10,000 trees on our U.S. National Forests this year. Through this campaign, we’re not only helping to restore our forests, but we’re also connecting Americans to their national forests while enhancing environmental efforts and inspiring Americans to steward the forests that they recreate.

Our national forests...

  • Sequester carbon to help mitigate climate change and clean pollutants from our air
  • Generate fresh water valued at more than $4 billion annually, supplying drinking water to 123 million Americans
  • Provide vital habitat for 10,000 species of plants and 3,000 species of fi sh and wildlife
  • Host more than 160 million visits by outdoors enthusiasts and tourists annually

Our partnership goals

  • Plant 10,000 trees
  • Restore impaired watersheds
  • Help improve air quality and fi ght climate change
  • Build partnerships to improve these lands for all Americans