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Amos Ives Root was an innovator, entrepreneur and visionary. As Root Candles' founder, he instilled the values of honesty, integrity and "plain old hard work" throughout all levels of the Root Company. Today, 140 years later, those values still reside at the core of Root's corporate culture.

To honor the vision and leadership of A.I. Root, Root proudly offers Legacy by Root. This commemorative line of products extends Root's unfaltering care and craftsmanship. All Legacy beeswax blend candles, reed diffusers, and tassels are graced with luxurious fragrances containing pure, essential oils. Root's pillars and dinner candles, enriched with beeswax, offer complete luxury and burn 1/3 longer than standard dinner candles. Root offers a number of ways to enhance the ambiance of your home.

Root Candles - family made candles of uncompromising quality, purity, and simplicity.

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Noir Collection
Limited Edition
Leaf | Pumpkin | Harvest

Autumn Splendor
Bourbon Pear | Maple Peppercorn
Spiced Chai Latte

Winter Wonderland Collection
Frosted Cranberry | Holiday Spice
Christmas Tree | Gingerbread

Unscented Candles
Available in 6 size to accommodate any need

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16 foot Root Candle Display at Jacob Maarse in Pasadena

Fresco Community Market in Los Angeles