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MISSION: We want to use Skinny & Company's pure, wholesome coconut oil to cultivate a community of
health-conscious individuals united by a passion to change the world. Skinny & Co. believes in creating
a sustainable business that gives back to the local community. We provide resources to build homes and schools
in Vietnam, teach English, and support local farmers. Skinny & Co. also supports initiatives aimed at educating
American children on the importance of eating healthy and understanding nutrition.

COCONUT OIL: Skinny & Co. is a cruelty-free Leaping Bunny certified company
 that prides ourselves in our utilization of innovative, wild harvested,
single origin coconut oil. Our patented Nutralock System crafts the
coconut oil under 97 °F, which leaves all of the raw nutrients intact.
This process results in coconut oil with higher levels of medium
 chain fatty acids and allows the body to absorb the oil much
easier, enhancing its effectiveness.
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Why would you ever
put something on your
skin if you wouldn’t
put it in your body?

All of our products
are non-toxic and edible.

INGREDIENTS: Patented 100% Raw Coconut Oil,
Carnauba Wax, Arrowroot, Baking Soda,
Therapeutic Grade Lavender Essential Oil.
BENEFITS & USES: Naturally keeps you smelling great
Vegan and handcrafted Fast-absorbing | Aluminum-free
Natural stress reliever Can also be used to soothe minor
cuts and scrapes.

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