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Cool and Interesting provides the finest Cool and Interesting products - handmade jewelry with the latest styles, quality, craftsmanship, and unbelievable value. They offer a wide selection with something for everyone to wear every day to complete the perfect outfit or to give to someone special..

New and Notable: Square Gemstone Necklace, Satellite Gemstone Necklace, You Are Loved Initial Necklace, Layering Tag New Initial Necklace, Ellipse Faceted Cut Gemstone Ring, Layering Gemstone Bracelet, Dainty Chain Layering Necklace

Best Sellers: Medium Sideways Initial Necklaces, Celestial Gemstone Necklace, Plain Huggies Hoop Earrings, Chain-link Block Letter Initial Necklace, Heart Initial Ring, Mini Letter Initial Necklace, Satellite Gemstone Necklace, You Are Loved Initial Necklace, Dainty Chain Layering Necklace


Sparkle + Shine Rings

Sparkle + Shine Rings

Open Band Rings

Be Inspired Necklace Collection

Open Frame Gemstone Collection

Triple Earlobe Huggie Hoop Earrings

Dainty Screw Ball Back Earrings

Always Be Connected Necklaces

You Are Loved Heart Collection

Square Gemstone Necklace

Ellipse Faceted Cut Gemstone Ring
Layering Gemstone Bracelet

Gemstone Initial Necklace

Satellite Gemstone Necklace & Bracelet

Sparkle + Shine Necklace

You Are Loved Initial Necklace

Layering Tag new Initial Necklace

Initial Bracelet

Celestial Gemstone Anklet

Gold Lapis Gemstone Beaded Chain
Gold Chain-Link Square Lapis
GoldPolished Coin

Gold Turquoise Enamel Bead Chain-Link Gold
Chain-Link Square Turquoise

Oval Gemstone Necklace

Ellipse Faceted Cut Gemstone Necklaces

Chain-Link Block Letter Initial Necklaces

Block Letter Chain Necklace

Simple Chain Necklaces

Hammered Disc and Tag Initial Necklaces

Large Sideways Initial Neclaces

Lowercase Letter Initial Necklaces

Heart Initial Rings

Heart + Birthstone Rings

Mini Letter Initial Necklaces

Mini Letter Initial Necklace

Initial Neclaces, Braclet and RingNecklaces

Gemstone Paperclip Chain Necklaces

Dainty Heart Gemstone Necklaces

Celestial Gemstone Necklaces

Zodiac Coin Necklaces

Huggies Gem Stones

Huggies Hoops