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Established in 2003, Zorbitz is the go-to when it comes to hot new items. This award-winning leader of impulse gift items is well known for priced to sell quickly and frequently reordered items. Awards from Dr. Toy and Brain Child recognized many of their items. Zorbitz leads trends with a wide range of products that can fit almost any store. Some of their most popular categories include Fidget Toys, Squishy Toys, Impulse Toys, Stained Glass Window Art Kits, Putty, Meaningful Jewelry, and Emergency Phone Chargers. Zorbitz products are loved by celebrities and are regularly featured on TV shows and movies.

New & Notable: Magic Squish Ball, Squishy Spaghetti & Meatballs, Squishy Sushi, Squishy Snacks, Surprise Squishy Snacks Truck, Squishy Sports, Twiddle SeaAmals, Squishy Word Search, Twiddle Fossilz, Glow in the Dark Squish n' Stretch, Squish-amals Gingerbread House, Flying Chicken, Slushy Putty, Hamburger and Hot Dog, Valentine Squishy Hearts, Surprise Gift-amals, Squishy Space Balls, Farm-amalz, Sling-a-Moji, Scoop n' Squish, Super Farmers Market Squishies, Super Twiddle Crawlers, Twiddle Snap n' Play, New Jewelry, Gemstone Stone Massagers and Gua Sha Facial Stones.

Best Sellers: Pop Chargers, Lava Diffuser Bracelets, Twiddle, Twiddle Cube, Squish-amals, Squishy Dumplin, Farmer’s Market Squishes, Twiddle Squish & Stretch, Bubble Putty.